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Dissolved Air Flotation
The (DAF) System is very effective way to separate suspended solids and emulsified oils from industrial waste streams. (more)

Lamella Separation Treatment Process
Lamella separators have a high efficiency. They are designed and produced according to the customers requirements. Lamella separators are resistant and easy in maintenance. The materials and the coatings are chosen according the medium. (more)

Biological Activated Sludge
In general, the activated sludge process is a continuous or semi-continuous (fill and draw) aerobic method for biological wastewater treatment, including carbonaceous oxidation and nitrification. This process is based on the aeration of wastewater with flocculating biological growth, followed by separation of treated wastewater from this growth. Part of this growth is then wasted, and the remainder is returned to the system. Usually, the separation of the growth from the treated wastewater is performed by settling (gravity separation) but it may also be done by flotation and other methods. (more)

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