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With our low overhead and excellent relationships with a variety of manufacturers CES is able to provide these products below typical market prices. Because CES is involved with the total success of the system and a long-term relationship, CES is truly committed to customer satisfaction and will ensure timely replacement of faulty equipment.

By providing these products CES’s customers benefit in a number of ways;

  • Quality products at reduced prices.
  • The correct treatment process sized for the customer’s particular application.
  • Saving time locating products and rework when they select the wrong product.
  • By selling these products, CES is able to reduce the cost of other services.


CES also offers a full line of wastewater treatment chemicals and is experienced in the selection and installation of feed system installation to training personnel in the use and safe handling of these chemicals. The chemicals are available in 5-gallon, 55-gallon, totes and bulk deliveries. Below is a partial list of the product categories CES Engineering offers:
  • Coagulants o Flocculants - Emulsion, Powder, & Solutions
  • Polymer / Inorganic Blends
  • Sludge Thickening Polymers
  • Chelating and Adsorption Chemicals and Materials for Heavy Metal Removal
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